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The Yarn Dynamic

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Dennis Pitts

Has over 30 years experience in textile and yarn sourcing.

Daniela Nii

Has over 30 years experience in knitting and crocheting, and nearly 15 years a designer, technical editor, and instructor.

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The Yarn Dynamic

The Yarn Dynamic is an American company headed by Dennis Pitts who has over 30 years experience in textile and yarn sourcing. We specialize in new yarns, creating blends of linen and other natural fibers such as American raised Alpaca and Merino, Bamboo and other fibers. We work with American family run boutique spinning mills to create new and interesting yarns. Our design team is headed by Daniela Nii, an experienced Designer, Technical Editor, Instructor, Knitter, and Crocheter.


Baltic Linen Yarns

Baltic Linen Yarns covers the lands bordering the Baltic Sea in Northeastern Europe. Flax is grown in Northern Europe from Normandy in France to Russia. Most of the flax used in our linen yarn comes from Lithuania, France and Belgium. Our yarns are spun in a traditional spinning mill in Lithuania but are further processed, blended, and plied with other fibers in facilities in Latvia and the USA.


Baltic Linen Designs

Baltic Linen Designs is a textile company that works with hand weavers in Riga (Latvia), small garment manufacturers and machine knitters to offer unique apparel items to consumers and fabrics by the yard to the design trade. We produce textiles on a small scale. We work with artists and crafts people. Sometimes our designs sell out faster then they can be produced and customers are disappointed but we hope those customers appreciate the time it takes to produce artisan quality products and will return in the future. 

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